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About Brigus

Located in picturesque Brigus, the views are second only to our world-famous Blueberry Crisp!



Reminiscent of an old English village, Brigus is one of the earliest settlements on the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). The early 1600’s saw the arrival of families predominantly from England, Ireland, and Whales. It is believed that the Spracklin family purchased “half the harbour of Brigus” from John Guy in 1612. Brigus experienced steady growth from that period and was said to be a “considerable settlement” at the time of its burning by the French in 1697 and again in 1705.

Our premise was built in 1914, and in the early 1930’s the late J.W. Hiscock purchased the building as the centre of his Labrador fish business. The Country Corneras we know it today, opened for business in 1993 and we have been proudly serving up NL favourites ever since.

As you walk the streets today you will see many reminders of the town’s illustrious past - the dry stone walls; the Bartlett Monument at Chafe’s Beach on Middle ridge; the Steel Sails at Bishop’s Beach; Hawthorne (built in 1830); the Old Stone Barn (reconstructed on the same site it has stood on since the early 1800's); the Historic Tunnel (1860); Vindicator Park (site where the Brigus newspaper was published at the turn of the century); the United Church built in 1875; the former St. George’s Anglican Church, now a heritage site(1876); Mercy Convent (the oldest outside of St. John’s - 1860).


Getting Here

You may be from NL if you measure distance in time instead of kilometers! So just how far is Brigus from the capital city? About a 50-minute drive!Whether you love the open road of the highway, the winding streets of coastal communities, or the wind in your sails, there are many routes to get here. Once in Brigus, head for the ocean and you’ll find The Country Corner on Water Street. Our “dory yellow” building with red doors is directly across from Wilcox’s Gardens.


Your Experience

You’ve just arrived on The Rock. Welcome, we’re so happy to have you! Head west on Route 60 and just keep coming. There will be twists and turns galore, but after an hour of coastal communities you’ll arrive in Brigus. Hop out, stretch, and breath in that salty ocean air. By now you’re surely “ready to eat the arse off a low flying duck”, so head on in and take a seat. One of our gals will be right over to take your order, and probably have a chat…we’re a chatty bunch!

You’ve just finished a bowl of our Cod Chowder and a fresh home-made bun. Now it’s time for a Blueberry Crisp and a glass of wine as the owner, Ben, cranks out some Irish, Newfoundland tunes. Don’t be afraid to sing along or to make a special request. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve won you over by now. You grab a gift for mom, and head out for a stroll through our narrow streets. You capture some pics of our rugged coastline as the sun sets over the North Atlantic Ocean. You were planning on heading back out this evening, but now you just can’t, you’ve falling in love with this place. 


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Open Seasonally: May to October